Sunday 24 August 2008

sometimes you just have to dance

and everything feels a whole lot better.

i danced the most i have in ages today - about 10 hours in total. at the biggest worker's party of the year - "SHIT 08" - which raised money for Caritas and was held in the old zoo and was fancy dress. people were really creative with their outfits... will put photos up tomorrow.

i went as a pirate. i really enjoyed dancing with my wooden sword.

it was pretty surreal from a sober, drug free point of view... i can't imagine what it would have been like for everyone else, who definitely weren't in the same state of mind. according to loads of people's signs and/or body paint, ketamine is deemed the cool thing to do. why why why? IT IS VERY NOT COOL.

afterwards we went to the back room at Eden for the after party (we'd started early afternoon). i danced the way i've always wanted to, but never seem to have the right space/shoes/music/confidence/company... like putting my whole body into it, jumping around, trying out stuff i learnt from breaking at uni last year. LOVE IT. feel tired and satisfied now. yey.

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