Thursday 1 March 2018

To post or not to post, that is the question

Reasons not to blog/post/share:

  • There are 100 things circling in my head, how do I narrow thoughts down into something coherent to share?
  • I haven't blogged for ages
  • I don't know if my blog feels like "home" or "me" anymore
  • Who cares?
  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Flickr (nah!), Website --- which one? Ones? None?? Argh.
  • I'm not convinced I can commit to any kind of regular sharing anywhere
  • There's already too many words and ideas out there
  • Other people do it better than me
  • Who needs another soppy post from me about my husband or niece?
  • To hashtag or not to hashtag
  • I am trying to be more PRESENT
  • I don't want to be judged as annoying/not-funny/over-sharing/self-obsessed/simplistic (in the way that I perhaps can judge others...)
  • From a brand/marketing perspective I am not doing any of this very well. Like my blog has not had a facelift in years. 
  • I am scattered all over the place
  • The moment has passed
  • I should call someone/have a bath/read a book/washup/sleep/watch netflix instead
  • I don't want to care about 'likes' etc (but I do and I will keep checking for them even though I've intentionally turned notifications off on my phone)
  • I am not certain enough about anything to put it down in writing in a public space
  • I'll spend too much time and energy judging and reviewing what I've shared, after I've already over-thought whether to share something in the first place
  • Is it all just self-serving/chasing success?
  • What's the point?
Reasons to do it (anyways)
  • I like seeing something beautiful/interesting/honest on social media, it makes a change from Period Pants adverts. Maybe I can similarly enrich someone's scrolling time
  • Something in me wants to
  • Why not?!
  • Lots of the reasons not to are ridiculous, or just quite unkind
  • To express gratitude
  • To share some beauty or wisdom, which is usually a gift in the first place
  • I like reading my friends' blog posts, friends have said in the past that they've appreciated mine
  • There are many people I love that I do not see or speak to, this is a small way of saying 'I'm still here'
  • For connection, for community
  • It's my blog I can do what I want to (I sung this line)
  • This year I decided my word would be VOICE, and that I would use it... [regardless of the negative thoughts that creep in and interrupt and distort and attempt to shut me up... they are already judging this list, so I will take a stance and post it anyways]