About me

Hi. I'm Katrina.

My real first name is actually Alice, but I've never been called that.  Ask my parents why they chose to make things complicated!  Anyhow, I like to think of myself as a bit of a wonderer/wanderer...

I'm 31, a twin (non-identical) and big sister to two more beautiful ladies.  I got married in 2011 to a brilliant brown-eyed, tattooed man.

If you ask me where I'm from, I'd find it hard to say.  Brighton was home for the past seven or eight years, with a year in Spain in the middle (when I started writing this blog).  I 'grew up' in Oxford, Zambia and Basingstoke.  I was 'made' in Kenya and born in Yorkshire.  I've spent the last three and a half doing a mini tour of the south: Cornwall, Hertfordshire and London and have just returned to Brighton!

I write about a whole mixture of things, perhaps one day the blog will get more focused, but that wouldn't really reflect me or the way I think or live life!

I write quite a few poems, you can listen to some here or read plenty of them on the blog. I love to perform them too - follow me on Facebook to keep up with news on that front.

And I'm always taking photos!

I also enjoy exploring new places, good food and sharing good food with other people, being in the sea, 'proper good chats' with friends, and learning more about Jesus and what a life following him might look like.

We're all on a journey and I hope that by sharing some of my adventures, questions, struggles and joys with you that you'll know you're not alone, and be encouraged to be honest about the road that you're on too.

Happy reading :-)

Where I belong
I’m at home when I’m on the move
I belong to the shifting shore lines
Sand revealed and then hidden
I’m myself when I’m wandering
Capturing moments with my pen and camera
Freeze-framing beauty
A solitary sojourner
A restless roamer
I am free when I’m dancing
Weaving in and out of worlds
I sleep easy on trains and buses and cars
The space in between leaving and arriving
Blurred landscapes and city light hallucinations
Windows open to let in the warm wind
Smell of dust/petrol/salty air
I sit back in my chair and pray for the journey not to end
Not just yet, anyhow

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