Monday 29 November 2010

Monday 15 November 2010


It's been a good weekend. Hopefully, a turning point, or rather, a 'lifting' point - from a few weeks of head down-feeling low-and wrapped up in me-dark times. Funny how those times come and they go, only when we're in the midst of it seems like they might last forever. And nothing's changed particularly, but i guess i don't feel so alone anymore, after some good friend-times and reading-times and perhaps that gives more strength to face the day, and the night, and to wait with hope rather than dread, and to pursue truth and hold on to it. rather than letting the lies steal away joy, steal away parts of me that are meant to be, steal away the light.

So, it really is just one day at a time. and maybe Sunday evenings are easier than Monday mornings but that's OK. we'll deal with tomorrow when it comes. do our best to live in the present. even if the present feels like Nothing, let's not give up.

So good things this weekend...

* Going up to London... I love it every time, I'd really like to live there... I know a lot of people say that but there's just something about it I love and want to experience more of. I like the chaos, the justaposition, the colour, the variety and repetition combined, the rawness, the creativity, the big, the unknown... It's also nice just to have a break from Brighton.

* Hanging out with Joy, a good friend of mine who I don't see enough of. Bare chats, and chilling, and lie-in, and lazing, and lunch out. Sweet.

* Stacy Makishi performing at Brixton Library - I met Stacy when doing the event at the Southbank Centre. Her 'Live Art' - which I'd say is like a one-girl-show, a mixture of prose, physical theatre and props (this time, hundreds of ping pong balls and chocolate cake!) is thoughtful, thought-provoking, funny honest and memorable.

* Pub with friends who instantly know you're not OK, and let you be you, and listen, and love you. Nuff said.

* New books!! I forget how much I like reading, and how much impact books can have. This weekend been reading
'The Fifth Figure' by Jean 'Binta' Breeze,
'On Writing' by Stephen King,
'The Poet, The Warrior, The Prophet' by Rubem A. Alves
and Psalm 130 by King David!
...all honest and inspiring and beautiful in different ways...

* Bonfire, food, and fireworks in our garden with some great people. Treat! Even if the fireworks were a bit lame. The homemade bread and butter pudding made up for it! woohoo!

There is lots to be thankful for. :-)