Tuesday 30 June 2015

Getting hot and covered in mud (Happy Birthday Eleanor!)

Today is my youngest sister’s birthday. She’s in Germany somewhere on a army-type camp (never sure how to explain it), probably spending the night in a field, firing carrots at the enemy. Because that’s how she rolls. Just graduated, just 22 and already Eleanor’s embarked on a long list of adventures and travels to make you (read: me) jealous with plenty more in the pipeline. She’s pretty amazing.

Eleanor and me celebrating her birthday last year

Monday 29 June 2015

Here's to you, Andy Au

Life has been mental the last few weeks, but full of lots of good things that have made me feel full to bursting. One such good thing was a flying visit to Sussex to surprise our great friend and pastor of our church in Brighton at his 60th birthday party. Over the past few years Andy Au welcomed us into his home literally countless times, fed, 'watered', gave, encouraged, counselled, laughed with, and even married us. People in churches all around the world know Andy for his dancing, I'm just very glad to say he's my friend.

I wrote this poem for him, and read it out at the party. I think it sums him up quite well. And it was a lot of fun writing :-)

Wednesday 10 June 2015

Pendeen, Kynance, Helford and dolphins!

The weekend before last we were blessed by two friends who took us out on different days to explore different parts of this beautiful land.

On the Saturday we drove to Pendeen, on the North cost, and walked down to the lighthouse then round to Portheras Cove. Since you can't drive to this beach, it remains quite secluded. There's been shipwrecks found off the wild coastline, and signs warn you not to walk in bare feet because of scraps of metal lying buried in the sand.