Saturday 30 March 2013


Last night we went out for our (probably) last night in Brighton for a while.  It was fun.  A whole bunch of us hung out at The Duke of Wellington pub, where I've been working since the summer, and then I went out dancing with a few girlies.  We went to the Green Door Store and wiggled our hips to Afrobeat music along with the usual random cross-section of people that you often find when out in Brighton.  I'd never danced at that venue before, but it reminded me of some of the many happy dancing times I've had in this city.  The amazing range of music and clubs in Brighton is definitely something I'll miss, even though I haven't had so much time/energy/money lately to properly make the most of it.  Before I came to Brighton I lived in Oxford, and pretty much only danced to Rnb/Hip Hop - which I still love, but I've now sampled a whole lot more :-)

I'll leave Brighton with a whole bucket full of dancing memories. ...

Starting with my first night out on Fresher's Week in 2005: 80's night at what was then the Beach club and is now Coalition, when I decided not to hold back, danced my heart out, and continued to do so from that day on.  

Working up a sweat in the basement of Casablanca to Funk on Wednesdays and the brilliant Brazilian band on Thursdays

Experiencing my first taste of Drum and Bass with Andy C at Ocean Rooms, sweat dripping off the ceiling, attempting to copy people's moves

Going to reggae nights at Volks with my flatmate Jo, wearing all the wrong clothes!

Weekly 'Urban' nights at Saqqara, pretending to be from London

A random African night on Ship Street where a group of Zimbabwean acrobats suddenly appeared and did a crazy routine dressed in zebra print loin cloths

Reggaeton at Po Na Na

University International Development Society fundraisers with my housemates where we danced our socks off to jungle and all sorts of beats I'd never heard before and everyone thought we'd taken drugs

Walking out of a drum and bass night at Coalition straight out onto the beach and running down to the sea, the sky getting light with morning

Audio Audio Audio

Attempting salsa at various clubs

Breakdance society socials and battles at Honey Club

making the long walk down to Conchorde 2 in my bright blue coat for some grimey bassssss

Raving hard to Ringo Starr, DJ Marky, and dirrty electro house

Glamourous electro swing with Shona, one of my dancing partners who I'll greatly miss

And more recently... Swing dance at the Mesmerist and bopping around to Prodigy behind the bar at the pub!

I'm sure there's a whole lot more, but I'm smiling to think of all those dancey times, and so thankful for friends who don't care what they look like on the dancefloor either!!

Monday 11 March 2013

My Excuse(s), and leaving Brighton

OK, so my excuse with not keeping up with a post a day is... well is that in THREE WEEKS time I am leaving Brighton for Cornwall.

After 7.5 years.


So as you can imagine, there's been quite a lot on my mind and a lot to do.  Not that we've done any packing yet mind you, but I'm still working my three different jobs and have been involved in 2 writing projects, and have been applying for jobs in Cornwall, and then trying to squeeze in seeing as many friends as possible in all the in-between spaces.  So yeh. A LOT. And not much sitting down in front of my blogfriend happening.  And a fair bit of stress in my head happening.  And a bit of tears.  And a lot of tired.  Which is hard, because actually there's loads of great things going on at the moment, and I am excited about moving, but the stressy bit sometimes takes over and makes it all seem difficult.

BUT, I survived a non-stop weekend and enjoyed it and had surprisingly chilled times with lovely friends in the midst of our final day of the One Way Ticket writing project - including a 10 minute performance each - and pub work and church and homework.  I hate it when you feel like you're just on survival-getting-through mode rather than living-in-the-moment mode.  But, yeh, I really did enjoy the weekend.  And had a lie-in this morning, and hubby was around too, and we watched Call the Midwife with our housemate in PJs with porridge.  Lovely Jubbly.  Rest is so important, isn't it?  Time to recharge...

The last time I moved cities was to Spain in 2008.  And I knew that would only be for a year.  I moved to Brighton without even realising, coming here for University and gradually spending less and less time in Oxford where my parents lived.  I moved several times while growing up, but that was due to my parents' decisions, not mine.

So this is kind of new.  I'm glad I'm not doing it alone.

I haven't had to say goodbye in quite a while.  I'd forgotten how awkward it can be.  I've learnt while living in Brighton how it feels to be left behind, so I do appreciate that people are sad.  I just don't always know how to respond.  Nothing will sink in for a while, that I know.  I don't know how much I'll miss Brighton until I'm not here anymore.  I know I'll miss the friends we have here, but again, I don't feel that yet as we haven't gone yet!

So, in these three weeks, I'm determined to make the most of my favourite cafes (Marwoods and The Blue Man are currently winning), the beach (if it stops snowing!!!), get some dancing in, and enjoy the company of people I love.  And hopefully not to stress out too much!

Friday 8 March 2013

"Mum" - for Women

Today is International Women's Day.  Soon it is Mother's Day.  So I thought I'd share with you something I wrote for my mum recently for her birthday.

I hope you don’t think that because I say more about Dad,
that you come second
I praise my father because I’m all too aware of what a rare and precious commodity he is
But this about you

You have always been there
Constant as air
Taken for granted?

You say your breasts are too big but I say perfect for burying brown-haired girls heads in, mopping up tears, caressing away fears

You say your stomach is too stretchy, but the flesh has carried and protected and born four babies, now women.

We stand before you and you are surprised, unbelieving that these four girls, varying in size and character, could all come from you.

You‘re a little bit sad we don’t have your blue eyes, but we’ve got your thick hair, slim wrists and ankles, your delicate nose.  Some of us have got your curves!

You seem surprised at our confidence, but it’s your unconditional love and support that provided the right sort of ground for independence to bloom.

You seem surprised at our beauty, but it’s your genes being expressed.

You seem baffled at the way we’ve taken on the world, but you set the path on adventures across Europe, India and Africa.

You seem surprised by our strength, but not just anyone could survive twins and then two more, limited pennies, countless house moves, a multitude of jobs, studies, relationship-building, disappointments, adventures, expectations, and I’m pretty sure, a whole lot more that goes unseen by the rest of us.

Perhaps we’ll never know all that you’ve sacrificed, but we’re learning. And we’re thankful.

And we realise that lots of the time, you were right, and you did know us more than we thought (only we might never tell you that)
And we realise that we’re sometimes a bit and sometimes a lot like you.
And that is not a bad thing!

Perhaps we have not told you enough how privileged and proud we are to call you ‘Mum’

Too often, you hide in the corner, when you’ve got a whole lot of treasure in you.

You say that you’re average
And I say nothing could be farther from the truth

Tuesday 5 March 2013


Yehh... definitely not keeping up with the whole post a day thing.  I have good excuses.  Honest.

Friday 1 March 2013