Wednesday 1 December 2010


Come come my lover
Come come come away with me
Come come come run with me
Run with me further than you ever thought you…WE… could go
Ohh run run with me my darling
Hand in hand we will stride out
Taking new territory
Chasing away the darkness

You don’t believe me

You have stopped believing in impossible dreams.

Fix your eyes on me
Look into my eyes and see and see and see
All things all things all things
(nothing can separate)
All things all things all things
(everything you need)
All things all things all things
(dare to dream, oh, dare to dream)
All things all things all things
(Put all your hope in me)
All things all things all things

I knock on the door
And I won’t give up on you
And I will wait for you in eager anticipation
The groom awaits his bride
And I will pursue you
Shower you with gifts from above
And I will run to you
When you call my name
And I’ll come in gladly to sit at your table and eat with you

I am calling you
Beckoning you
A voice in the wilderness drawing you near
My dear my dear my dear

Awake awake o sleeper
Awake awake o sleeper

The wild bells ring out
Now is the time
To arise and shine
Now is the time
To dance and sing and shout

Awake awake o sleeper

Shake off the lethargy
Shake off the timidity
I have made you a ROARING LION
Don’t be afraid to use your voice
I am the roar in you and the world needs to hear it
The world needs to hear
Because that roar it will shake foundations,
It will break down walls,
It will burst open cage doors
Allowing the birds to fly free
Oh join them flying free
Into the space
it awaits
it beckons
it calls

Katrina Pike
(November 2010)