Saturday 24 December 2016

Follow (Happy Christmas!)

I was asked to write a poem about "Following" for a Christmas Carol Service.

The reference to Philip and Nathanael is inspired by John 1:43 in the New Testament.

Happy Christmas one and all, may you know peace and joy. x


We’re all following something

The leader
The teacher
The dotted path on the map
The road sign
The sat nav
The feeling in our gut
The worndown path
The light through the trees
Our nose
Our heart
The weakness in our knees
The scent of success
The sound of a loved one calling
The Youtube tutorial
The sound of a baby bawling
The crowd
The recipe
Someone who’s been there before
The recommendation
The end of the tunnel
The open doors
The compass
The moon
The illusive dream
The holy book
The general expectation
The lighthouse beam

Friday 2 December 2016

For Libby

They say you blossomed
And as is often the case with blossom It did not last for long enough We’re left Bare branches against a black November As Storm Angus mingles tears with our own Lamenting through the long nights We gather Waiting for the skies to clear Waiting for Advent Waiting for peace on earth We’ll wait for a long time And maybe not long at all