Tuesday 4 August 2009


...was a week or two ago now but thought i should say a word or two about it. ok, not should. there is no should. but wanted to. It was a nice day, but, kind of strange. because, nothing during my time at the university of sussex has ever been formal, so it seemed like a bit of a joke when all the professors paraded onto the stage in pantomime style robes. and everyone looked so clean and shiny! the other reason it felt a bit strange was that i only knew about 5 people well there. recognised quite a few and a whole load of them i'd never seen before! so it wasn't quite the teen-movie imagery of celebrating with all your friends with whom you've lived, eaten, studied, suffered, laughed and cried through the past few years. everyone either graduated last year or on a diffferent day because of being in different departments. which was a shame, really. but, it was good to hang out with my parents. and the our new chancellor is Sanjeev Bhaskar, of Kumars at 42 fame... which made it pretty funny. a relief since it lasted 3 hours!! but there we go. done and dusted. I AM NO LONGER A GRADUAND BUT A GRADUATE. SWEEEEEET