Saturday 15 March 2014

All change (spring is here)

Well.  There's been a whole lot of change around these parts!

Two weeks ago, after almost a year in the bungalow up on the hill next to the House of Prayer, we moved into a little flat in the middle of Penzance.  You probably know we were finding it quite isolated up there, and not feeling very settled still.  So after a lot of pondering we decided to make some changes.

It's been an interesting journey the past few months and not easy to be honest.  But I've definitely learned some things -

About myself and my preferences (like - as much as having a beautiful view is a pleasure and a privilege - I'd rather be in the middle of a town with no view at all!);

About knowing when to stick something out and when it's OK to move on;

About listening to those 'gut feelings' (or are they whispers of the Spirit??) and being bold enough to go with them - even if it means difficult conversations and the possibility of hurting people you care about;

About things not being black and white (this is something I guess I'll always be learning and sometimes struggling, sometimes rejoicing over!) - like how just because something might not work out how you think, it doesn't make it bad, it doesn't necessarily mean you made wrong decisions, or that for a time it wasn't just exactly what you needed;

About friendships, and honesty, and love being stronger than anything else.

We don't regret our time up on the hill, and although the last few months felt quite dark and lonely, I know that in time I will look back on it with thankfulness.  For the space, the beauty, the visitors, wonderful neighbours, the chance to get to know my brother-in-law, the view, the precious wooden building next door full of prayers and fellowship and creativity and peace.

And right now, we're loving our new abode, loving being able to WALK everywhere and just 'pop' out to the shops, to the gym, to church, to the pub.

There's been other changes with church and jobs too, but more on that another time.  Suffice to say, it feels like a new beginning, accompanied by the sun creeping in and daffodils springing up everywhere.

Spring is here

and I'm looking forward to what's ahead :-)

Wednesday 5 March 2014

A poem for my friend, Alana

The rainbow girl has grown used to the stares
They merely bounce off her back
And she shines brighter
Tattooed tales of the impossible
Dance from neck to toe
Pigs fly and prison bars burst open
Healing comes
Freedom reigns
Children swing from violet dreadlocks
And hide laughing in her patchwork skirt
An orphaned kitten perches atop sun speckled shoulder
Orange clashes pink
She skips life in bare feet
Crumbles earth beneath her toes
An olive tree grows
Shelters a weary stranger awhile
Chocolate eyes melt into a grin
Filling the garden with light
She is a firework
And heaven is her home