Tuesday 20 April 2010

i hope you remember

I hope you remember
O I hope you remember

That you are the jewels in His crown
The theme of His song
And the stars in His script

I hope you realise
O I hope you realise

That you are the apple of His eye
And you are His great delight
You make His heart beat faster
When He thinks of you

I hope you know
O I hope you know
That the seeds you sow
Will grow
Because the Great High King of Heaven lives in you
And works through your hands
Leaves footprints in the sand
Where He’s carried you

So please don’t doubt
O please don’t doubt

That the world needs you
You are very definitely meant to be here. Now.
You. Here. Now.

You are not an extra to the play and you are not a spare part
You have not been forgotten, forsaken or overlooked
At least – not by the one who made you.
Made you purposefully and carefully and beautifully
o. so. Beautifully.

So, sons and daughters, princes and princesses
Who seem small to the world
But are BIG on the inside.
Please do remember and please do realise….

That you are the apple of His eye
And you are His great delight
And you make His heart beat faster when He thinks of You

(wrote this at Spring Harvest for the kids there, but applies to all! :-) )

Sunday 18 April 2010

i like...

i'm in the middle of the much anticipated week off. Which followed straight on from my first experience of Spring Harvest, but i will write about that in the next post. I've gone from Brighton to Minehead to Norwich to Birmingham to Derby...! Too many hours in cars and trains! But for now, just wanted to celebrate things i love doing that i'd forgotten or not done in a while, but have been able to do over the last week or two... and i'm thankful :-)

- climbing trees

- playing catch with my sister! (and still not really improved!)

- painting (a table!)

- walking barefoot

- singing out loud and out of tune while walking along listening to mp3 player

- walking along sea walls

- scrambling over rocks

- lying on sand
- sister act 2!!

- cooking/baking

- bbqs and trying new food

- ice cream cones!

- card games

- fish and chips

- exploring new places

- cliff tops

- taking photos along the way...