Friday 27 February 2009

b thankful

"To thankful people everything comes as a gift, because they know that for them there is nothing that is earned....
In thankfulness i gain a proper relationship to my past; in thankfulness the past becomes fruitful for the present. Without thankfulness my past sinks into the dark, the mysterious into nothing."

Sunday 22 February 2009


i realise i haven't written much for a while. i'm not exactly sure why. TIME i guess is part of it, although i reckon we generally manage to make time for things when when really want to. but life is more hectic these days than it has been in past months. which i'm actually quite enjoying. studies are definitely hotting up, which is to be expected for the final stages of a degree i suppose! and thankfully it's interesting (my courses are 'human rights' and 'anthropology of the body' plus spanish of course), it's just a little worrying considering the amount of words that need to be written by May and the way that time is flying. ah well... somehow it'll happen i guess! and on top of that just trying to make the most of brighton and everything here before it ends. a strange thought, it ending, and maybe it won't as dramatically as i imagine, since quite a few people are sticking around and i guess those that leave will leave in a trickling subtle sort of way. and i.... don't really know where i'll be or what i'll be doing post June, which for now is more exciting than anything so i am not worried. just pondering. and trying to be PRESENT in the PRESENT. easier said than done but i know it's important.

other than that....

some thoughts:

- i'm tired of uni-talk
- other people's definitions of you can really shape the way you think about yourself, even just by being told you're good (or not) at something. more on this in another post.
- different places have very distinct 'feels' about them. i don't know if it's just me but for example Oxford makes me feel lethargic and apathetic while Brighton often overwhelms me and makes me feel pulled in a hundred directions. there are many good things about both these cities, but on a bad day that's how they affect me.

some good things:

- porridge, now my regular breakfast. after vomiting post-porridge as a child it's taken this long to restore our relationship. but now we're firm friends. especially with added apple, cinnamon and raisins. mmm. keeps hunger locked up till lunch a lot better than shreddies.
- "kazzap". this is an after school club thing for 11-14 year olds that i've started helping out at on a Tuesday night. Tuesday's are my most hardcore day at uni and by 6 i am usually exhausted and wondering why on earth i volunteered to go and hang out with teenagers in a distant suburb/estate/village/place. BUT, everytime i've gone i've had a really good time and felt refreshed and like the Katrina who just loves to run around and play. all i generally do is sell 'tuck' and then play indoor football with the boys and a few of the girls, but it's just what i need! crazy how so often we think we are doing something to "bless" others but then receive so much ourselves.
- the other students at my church and in the CU. they are beautiful unique people loving Jesus and loving the world in their own special ways. they encourage and challenge me.
- sweet potato. so versatile.
- old friends. recently have heard from or seen various people for first time in a year or more. i love it when friends can appear back in your life and the time in between is insignificant. :-)
- GOD. He is my hope and reason, my beginning and end.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

nothing's changed. there's lots of good stuff. just suddenly a little weary. time for a change of scene i think. Brighton is full on. i'm going home this weekend. hooray.

Monday 2 February 2009