Thursday 17 September 2015

Happy Four

Happy four years to us, to me and my South African-with-the-Welsh-name-and-a-British-passport.

Since last year, you've studied for the first time and done rather brilliantly. I've stuck with the same one job for once and am still learning every day. We left Cornwall after a hard-good-hard two and a bit years and enter our fifth year not quite having a home (but nearly, hopefully!). But we also have lots of homes, like in that special South East corner, and lots of beds to sleep in, and hearts cheering us on. We've done our first proper little bit of travelling together and now we're hungry for more.

Sunday 13 September 2015

Trains of thought

I like trains. Not in a trainspotter type way. Just like travelling on them, like the views they give and that you can get up and walk about if you need to.

Trains were the main way in which we travelled from Budapest, Belgrade, back to Budapest, then on to Prague and Dresden this summer.

I've been thinking a lot about trains since then. The thoughts are not ordered like carriages, but scattered like the clouds that skittered across the hot blue. But I had to start, had to plant the thoughts to see if they'll grow.