Monday 20 May 2013


I wonder if we are the hem of his garment
The tip of his royal robe
The segment that sweeps along the ground
As heaven dances upon the earth
Splendor meeting soil
Stirring up the dust

Bound to be a little frayed
Bound to bear the marks of a journey long and hard
Bound to unravel a little at times
But even the thread is golden
And there is a master seamstress

And you would think the trimming would lose its allure
That the filth it sails through would ruin it beyond recognition
But in this upside-down kingdom
It is the stains that make it more beautiful
And in this upside-down kingdom
The gown glows most brightly in the dirtiest of places

And because it is an upside-down kingdom
Perhaps we are not hovering on the distant margins of the heavenly One
As he hangs loftily high above us
Perhaps here, on the boundary
Seen and unseen
Lost and found
Despair and joy
What is and
What is yet to come
Is where
He is most present
And so perhaps this fragment
Of a breathtaking garment
Is actually
The most glorious

Katrina Quinn May 2013

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