Tuesday 5 August 2008


i went away for a week to north devon. a whole 'nother world. england really does have some stunning places and most people have never seen them. it was GREAT. the weather was not. but that didn't really matter.

3 days of camping (the tents didn't leak... Dad should be proud!), surfing (first time - loved it!), coffee-ing (in the campsite cafe), journal-ing, deep talking, beach-ing (woolacombe, ilfracombe, croid) walking and much laughing with 3 precious girls.

then 3 days of 3 different mattresses (much comfier than the roll mat plus the aching post-surf body!) in 3 different beautiful (and 2 of them extremely big!) houses, a brief spell at a christian music festival, more driving to different parts of devon, more AMAZING friends (people whose passion and beauty and thoughts and dreams never cease to inspire me. OK and if we're being honest make me a little jealous sometimes. jealousy is so ugly i hate it. but it often creeps in.)

and... most importantly a WEDDING of a childhood friend. a beautiful day. a privilege. can't put it all in words. here's some pictures...

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