Wednesday 26 January 2011


-Craving to go swimming- said Helen and I thought -Yes-.
Swimming in and surrounded by and under and filled with and moving and playing and surrendering and taking a risk as feet leave solid ground.

Only to be, only to be with you…

-CRAVING- said Helen
And the word plucked a string buried deep within
causing a sound to ring through my body
a sound almost dischordant
almost uncomfortable in its intensity

it sounds almost animal,
Humanity at its basest level
A desperate need
An urge
Not well presented, polite or polished

we almost dare not say it
-how uncouth– we murmur with raised eyebrows

When breathing becomes heavy and gaze becomes fixed
Nothing else
Nothing else
Nothing else
Nothing else

When the world dims to irrelevant and I know the lights will only come back on when you return

This longing that aches my heart
That causes my stomach to twist
Trying to forget its emptiness
And my arms try to run run run away
O please hold me
O please hold me
Take my arms hands face cheeks back eyes ears face body mind thoughts dreams soul
Take me over
I want to be so close to you I can feel your breath
I want to be so close I don’t know where I end and you begin
Hide me under your wings
Envelop me

More than –I want-
more than –I would like-
more than –I need-

is perhaps the only word I can use.

(22 Jan 2011 by me)


Adele said...

This speaks deep into me.

Heather said...

:) Craving as you've described it makes me think of the word 'striving' as an extension to your descriptions .. as one craves for more of God, when coupled with striving to the utmost of one's ability, empowered by His Spirit, this opens avenues of opportunity for God to increase the gifting as He sees you using what He's blessed you with, and reads your heart's outcry for 'more', 'more of you, Father'! Thanks for your thoughts penned so fluently! Be blessed as you bless!