Sunday 15 March 2009

sunday funday

I don't usually study on Sundays. It's good to take a day to rest, to BE with people without feeling guilty that you're not in front of a book, and to just remind you to ENJOY all the good things God has given us.

Today was such a day. cup of tea with friends + Cheese&mushroom crepe from the pier + wonder along the seafront with Cecily + taking photos of breakdancers + sunshine + sit on the beach + lasagne cooked by friend's neighbour + hanging out with said friend plus daughters = very happy Katrina indeed.
The day was greatly enhanced by the sunshine. Brighton in the sun is a wonderful place.

Some friends were breaking down on the seafront. If you're interested in breaking or street classes in Brighton check out JP's website (the guy in the air in the photo!). Well worth going!

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