Saturday 17 November 2007


Last night I went to see the ORISHAS perform live in Sevilla with a friend from Brighton who is studying in Madrid this year and is currently touring Andalusia with some friends. Now I must admit before thursday night I had never even heard of the group - I'm not sure if that's like some unforgiveable omission in my musical knowledge, but then it never was very extensive! For those, like me, don't know about them, they are three guys from Cuba with a style that's a mixture of rap/hip hop and latin (they were salsa-ing on stage beautifully!) and their "lessons" for the night to us the audience were
- down with war
-down with racism
-up with marijuana!

so... fully supporting the first two though not so convinced about the third! Although we were probably all slightly high by the time we left due to the amount of people in the audience who were clearly in agreement with the latter point! That said, by the time we left I didn't feel high, i felt cold (the concert was in an open air venue on the other side of the river) and tired (we'd arrived at 21:00 and Orisha didn't come on until after midnight, and we'd been standing the whole time).

BUT...not meaning to sound like a 'party pooper'; their music was great and they really seemed to enjoy performing so there was a good atmosphere with everyone dancing and singing along (I was maybe the only one who didn't know any of the words!!). As always dancing made me happy!

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