Monday 2 July 2012

We Raced for Life!


I ate a big pasta dinner on Friday night like I'm told all the athletes do.  That's right I took it very seriously!  And didn't drink alcohol at the pub.  Go me.  I did manage to go running a few times in the past few weeks although didn't really have any idea of how far I'd managed to go.  But I was surprised at how just doing a little every other day did make a difference.  So I didn't feel too nervous about Saturday.  After a lovely brunch with some friends, I donned my pink outfit (I hadn't realised that everyone wears pink until my Mum mentioned it - knowing how much I love the colour.... haha.) and set off with hubby to Stanmer park.  I felt less silly when I saw other ladies in pink on the train.  Met my running partner at the park who had bought some magical pink sunglasses.  Amazing.  And our 'supporters' even wore pink too, a sight I had not seen before! 

 I couldn't believe how many people there were, in some pretty amazing pink outfits.  Everyone had written on their back who they were running for which was very moving, and inspiring to read as we ran. We did a warm up altogether led by a tiny woman and two hulking big men. Check the pic below!  Then we set off, runners, then joggers, then walkers.  We classified ourselves as joggers, although I often think people walk faster than I jog!  But off we went across the grass and into the forest.  The sun was shining and breeze blowing, it was perfect weather, and a very pleasant route compared to the streets I usually run down.  I think the pink sunglasses did give everything a magical, glowing tint!

We managed to jog the whole way without walking once.  Very proud!  I really didn't think I'd manage that but Shonagh was very good at keeping a steady pace and encouraging me up the hilly bits.  Think we made a good team!  I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would, the training definitely helped, and it was a privilege to run with so many women.  Will definitely be doing more, maybe 10km next time...!!!

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me by the way :-)

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