Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wales walks

after a week full of some more great sunshine times and treats, including kayaking on the sea, bbqs, lots of beaching, various takeaways AND a cinema trip (SPOILT!! return to 'saving pennies' starts next week!) and being back at pre-school, I am now in beautiful North Wales hanging out with a beautiful friend. phew, long sentence!! It's great to be here, i love the ruggedness of the surroundings as opposed to southern england's gently rolling fields. I love the space and the peace and the vastness. Happy soul. We didn't hang about and climbed Snowdon yesterday, having arrived Thursday night. We went up the Watkins path and down the Miners for anyone who is familiar with the mountain. The first and last time I climbed Snowdon was when I was about 8 years old and my dad took me and my sister up the most difficult, dangerous route by mistake (Crib Gogh). We loved it! But it was nice to do it again on a clear-ish day, with some sun and visibility enough to see some amazing views. Photos to come!!

Today we walked again, despite protesting calf muscles, although it was a little more easy going this time. We went up to a gorgeous waterfall which I came to last time I was up here. Except then it was November, raining. cold, and we were totally drenched by the spray of the falls. Today there was much less water, a gentle river, rocks to scramble across, and blue skies.

so my body is tired but in the nicest kind of way. Hooray.

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