Saturday 23 April 2011


wow well i just feel like a very lucky girl to be getting all these outside sunny times... hooray for good weather during holidays. Today was just yummy... had home made hot cross buns at some friends' house with others from church this morning (thankful to be part of a community that likes hanging out and appreciates good food!!). After that Llewellyn and I headed off on our bicycles with our rucksaks along the coast to ovingdean where we parked our bikes then parked ourselves down on the beach, gradually heading toward rottingdean and beyond as we went in search of patches of sand. We just CHILLED, enjoyed the sun, the warmth, the peace, the clear blue sea (was not brave enough to swim today i'm ashamed to say, it was COLD and I'm on the brink of a cold, so stuck to paddling).

Ah those big blue spaces of sky and sea are good for the soul! As is walking barefoot, cycling with a glorious coastal view and the first icecream cone of the year. Happy Katrina!

It contrasts with the vibe of Easter Friday, which I suppose most have been a very dark day, a hopeless, confusing, lost kind of day. And those days still seem to occur. But today was light and good and i shall celebrate it and be thankful.

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