Wednesday 13 April 2011

sunny restful weekend in Oxford

thought there'd been a lack of photos in recent posts :-)

had a lovely weekend in oxford seeing the family and being outside in the sun lots... on runs, walks, bike rides, garden lazing, park frisby-ing, city centre tourist-ing and a brief dip in the Thames river. I think we're made for that - sunshine and air and moving in it - it definitely made us feel happier, healthier and more alive.

It's strange how Oxford has slowly gone from being 'home' - where i'd fit back into work, social life, etc even after being away for months at a time, to the 'place where my parents live' where I can go to get away from things, with only a smattering of friends about. There is a sense of loss to this transition, and the realisation that as mentioned in a post not long ago, things aren't going to go back to how they were. At the same time it also means that returning to Brighton feels more like coming 'home' than ever, and I have full life here for which I am so thankful. Plus when i do go back to Oxford, it's more about seeing my family, which is a good thing... they are the people who are not going to 'go away' after all! This weekend was fairly full of weddingy things, like dress shopping with my mum! And yes, I did get one... but that's all I'm saying! :-)

But yeh, it was great to have a restful few days, gearing up for a busy month or so ahead with lots to do and plan. But I'm up for it!

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