Friday 20 June 2008

library sustenance/work avoidance

i have discovered two beautiful (yet pricey) items of nourishment in the union shop this week.

1. Innocent Smoothie: MANGO, COCONUT and LEMONGRASS flavour. A-MAZING.
2. Salty Dog Crisps: Salt and Black pepper flavour.

hmm i really will write about anything to avoid doing the work i SHOULD be doing! i'm on 6300 words roughly (out of 8000). which isn't too bad. still got the weekend. fun times.

managed to change degree to cut out some literature courses which could have slowly killed me and instead do a course in Human rights (next year). score.

my friends all get their final results today. Can't believe it's the end for them. 3 years just like that. bam. and i've still got a year to go. i don't feel ready to finish academically (still don't feel i have learnt a whole lot - probably my fault), or socially - still got some quality hanging out to do with some quality people, but i do feel kind of 'old' being on campus, in that i have gone away and done 'the next step' as it were - going and making a life for myself by myself - only to feel like i'm taking a step backwards by re-entering student life.

i'll get over it :-)

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