Friday 28 December 2007


apologies for the long space between posts. excuse: my sister and a friend came out to visit during my last week in Sevilla and then a week ago i came home for Christmas. In the last week I've been from Oxford to Stanstead to Birmingham to London to Oxford to Newcastle and back to Oxford (via London on the megabus!) and seen family and friends from many different "chapters" of my life... from uni, the 3 schools before that, my 'Ibiza' team, and other random things...


I don't think i've ever appreciated being in England as much as I am at the moment; it's a weird feeling - having been someone in the past who was desperate to escape this small rainy island as soon as possible - but i think it's a good thing. I am enjoying being able to understand people talking around me, and just observing the weird and wonderful British ways. It's also been fantastic to be with friends who make you feel immediately that you can be yourself - and that that is all you need to be.

I was still struggling a bit in Spain even when my sister was out visiting, athough we had a lot of fun especially going to the beach in Cadiz, hearing live jazz, and having a deliscious meal with friends. It wasn't till i was on the plane that i felt 'lighter' and i think a lot of that was due to my sister praying. I'm a bit worried the same feelings will return when i go back to Spain, but am trying not to think about that too much and just make the most of my time here. Which is going way too fast!!

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