Sunday 21 September 2014

Three years wedded

Last week we celebrated our third wedding anniversary.  Three years since our colourful wedding in Brighton and our honeymoon in West Wittering and Cornwall.

That's three years.
between us—

Three flats and a bungalow
One city, one town and one hill in the middle of nowhere
One car, one moped, several bikes and now no bikes (and no car either)
Two new piercings, four new tattoos and plenty of hairstyles
Three churches and a House of Prayer
Eleven jobs (I think!)
One change of citizenship
Two trips to Portugal
Two caravans in Cornwall that kicked off a move across the country
A lot of tears, difficult conversations, bereavement, anti-depressants, money worries and quite a few cigarettes
A lot of great meals, wine, sex, laughter, hugs, generosity and hitting the dancefloor
Watching series in bed
Learning to be honest
Learning not to fall out for long
Learning to understand each other (a little more, anyways)
Missing old friends
Making new friends
Wondering what the hell we are doing
Wondering where life will take us next
But at least we're in it together
Sad Sundays
Valued visitors
Doubts and questions
Desperate prayers
Thankful prayers
Winks across the room
Holding hands
Being a team
Being a team

Being a team

And I think, that's really the most important thing.

And when I think we've had it quite full on, I think of my parents, who by their third anniversary had lived in rural northern Kenya for two years, returned to England with no money and nowhere to live, discovered they were having twins, who were born prematurely and spent much of their first few months of life in hospital, while my Dad was studying a masters. Geez. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful as ever m'dear.

Congrats on the anniversary, but also very much on all the hard work you've done, and I mean the emotional work. The crying and the growing and all that urgh stuff.

Also, your mum so cute, and so carbon-copy Rosanna.

xxx Eliza

Unknown said...

Aw thanks Eliza :-)

Crazy to think that was my mum and dad around the same age as I am now (just before they got married). These days I think mum and I look more and more alike...