Saturday 27 September 2014


I turned 28 on Wednesday.

Birthdays are always a bit strange: for me a mixture of hope and reflection and celebration and often - to be honest - a bit of loneliness and disappointment. I'm not someone who talks loads about their birthday but still hopes that somehow everyone will remember it, and maybe even plan some magical surprise party... and when it comes to any sort of celebration (always planned by me, in the end)  there's a strange mix of not wanting to be the centre of attention whilst feeling sad if people forget or don't turn up or whatever. I don't think I'm alone in this, I think birthdays are all sorts of strange in different ways for different people.

As a twin I grew up sharing my birthday which I may have begrudged slightly at the time (shared presents, hmm...) but does, looking back, have its advantages - having someone you definitely  know you'll be able to celebrate with and who in every way you're sharing the experience with.  This year we both agreed we should try to be in the same place next year, I think we've only been together on our birthday about once in the last ten years since leaving home.

This year, despite my best intentions and 'pull yourself together' chat to myself, I did cry - as usual. But just once (!). I was working at home on my own all day, receiving messages from around the world on Facebook and Whatsapp which is amazing but just made me wish that these faraway friends were not so far away. And then a friend had got the days mixed up and so didn't come to meet me as I was expecting. She didn't know it was my birthday though. So I couldn't really make a fuss! Thankfully hubby finished college earlier than expected and we went for a drink by the sea (that's where the pics are from). And I had a super lovely evening with 3 beautiful people and delicious food.

I also saw my parents last weekend, and went out drum-and-bass dancing last night with more friends. So really I am blessed beyond measure and I truly am thankful for so many generous and thoughtful people in my life.  Being 27 was... well half feeling lonely on a hill and half settling into Penzance and generally feeling more hopeful; getting a proper job that's probably more stressful but more satisfying than any other job I've had; a bunch of swimming in the sea over the summer; questionning lots about faith and church; and becoming more determined to be creative.  I think being 28 will probably be a continuation of quite a lot of that, and I'm not sure where all those questions and decisions will lead. Which means it's an adventure, doesn't it? Hooray for that.

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Adele said...

Happy belated birthday, beautiful friend. I'm glad you got a chance to celebrate a bit. I'm thankful God's given us another year to enjoy your friendship. xxx