Monday 1 April 2013


When you get out of bed early for once because the sky through the living room window where you are sleeping due to the bedroom being full of boxes is actually BLUE instead of grey and its even earlier than you thought because you don't realise the clocks have gone forwards but that's OK because it's Easter Sunday and you want to mark it in some small way and so you pull on your jeans and the grey woolly coat you bought in Cornwall and recently rediscovered in the loft and you grab your camera and walk briskly down the street to the sea and you are glad the tide is out because you can sit right on the end of the groyne and walk on the sand and there is a whole lot of space waiting to be filled with voices and faces but right now  most of the city is enjoying a lie in and only one or two dog walkers interrupt the morning and you wish you brought gloves because your fingers are going numb but you don't care that much because you get to take some pretty good photos and you sit up high above the waves and swing your feet and talk to God about how you're grateful

When a friend offers to cook quiche for lunch because it's 'moving day' and once the van is loaded the guys go to a pub for meat and beer so more quiche for us and more catch up time for us and we take the freshly cooked still warm cheese and spinach tart with blankets down to the beach and we shelter from the wind beside the wall and sit back against it with the sun in our eyes and the quiche tastes so good it disappears in seconds and we feel the warmth of the bricks at our backs and the warmth of the blanket on our laps and we feel the rumble of the water underneath our feet and I think soon I will exchange pebbles for sand but at least the sea will still be there and although I love sand I think I might miss the pebbles a little and I think I'm going to miss hanging out with this friend that I've known for so little time and yet feel so comfortable with and I think for all of this I'm grateful

When you get to hang out in a beautiful flat on the 8th floor on the sea front where the blue spreads out like a blanket in front of the windows that span the whole front wall of the living room and someone has built a special window seat that you've always wanted to sit on and you sit on it leaning back against the cushions with some random concoction of a herbal tea in a mug in your hand and music you've never heard before plays in the background and the sun streams in and you feel warmer there than you have in months and you shut your eyes and imagine summer and you feel like you could stay there forever and you feel sleepy and despite not liking them that much you think perhaps you are a bit like a cat and right now you fancy curling up for a cat nap there on the cushions in front of the window beneath the sun and above the sea and you are grateful

for all of these moments

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Adele said...

Beautiful! This made me really miss Brighton and think that I can't remember what it's like to get out of bed and just go somewhere without thinking I've got to change someone's nappy and pack their changing bag first! So glad you had this special time to spend with God and be grateful x