Wednesday 17 April 2013

Can't quite believe it


Guess who's got a job?  Meeeee!  Woo hoo!  I'm pretty, no VERY happy.  Partly because it means there's more chance of us being able to pay the rent next month (gulp. all part of the adventure, no?!) and partly because it's just the kind of place I wanted to work.  A small cafe/restaurant in Penzance serving good coffee and tasty fresh dishes - mainly fish.  Everyone who comes in seems to enjoy it and plan to return.  And the couple who run it are friendly, relaxed and only a little older than me.  Can't quite believe it!

Actually there's been several can't quite believe it moments.

Like, can't quite believe how many people helped us move and showed us love and support as we left Brighton.  Especially can't quite believe how much certain people did for us, even accompanying us on our move, shifting loads of boxes and looking after us in our first week in Cornwall.

And, can't quite believe this little bungalow on top of a hill is for US. All this space just for the two of us (and whoever comes to visit!).  A front garden, a back garden, a spare room, lovely kitchen AND the best view ever!

Can't quite believe that people have been waiting for us to return to Cornwall for months, praying for us then filling our cupboards with food and welcoming us warmly.

Can't quite believe we were given a car this year, AND it made it all the way to Cornwall, AND it's still going, being used every day now.

Can't quite believe we had all the money we needed for the move and everything it entailed, enough to not stress about it.

Can't quite believe that I only cried once during the whole moving process, and remained pretty unstressed the whole time, and didn't fall apart, and didn't have to up the 'happy pill' dose.

Can't quite believe that soon we're going to be able to surf.

Can't quite believe how brilliant my husband is, how he was uncomplaining through a toothache, and tooth removal even though I know he was in a lot of pain; how he is willing to do any job to provide for us; how he is already off helping make cakes and hanging out with old people; how he is patient with me and loves me even though I snore in his ear all night with my silly blocked up nose.

Can't quite believe how beautiful this land and sea is.

Can't quite believe that we've been so blessed.

Because it's not that we deserve it.

I know God is good and He loves to bless us.

but I also know life is shit sometimes.  And stuff doesn't always work out the way we plan.

So right now, for all this almost unbelievable goodness, I am ever so thankful.


Anonymous said...

ah, this makes me very happy! hooray!! love you guys and can't wait to visit, paula xxx

Unknown said...

Thanks Katrina for your inspiring blog, we are praying for you with lots of love and many blessings.
Will contact you soon about dates for the summer, cannot wait!
Much Love Louise xxxx