Friday 10 October 2008

random bits

to begin on a random note (although i will continue on a random note throughout): who would have thought there'd be 46,427 members of this group on facebook: I'm Saving Myself For Wild, Passionate, Awkward Honeymoon Sex
hilarious . am i permitted to wonder what nationality most of them would be...? :-D

on that vein (kind of), this week i've discovered 3 more people who i went to secondary school with are going to be mummies/daddies. CRAYZEE. i think it scares me more than anything. being in your 'twenties' is just... BIG. or, precisely, does not feel big, as in old, yet we/some are doing and chosing things that still seem too big to get my head around for who we (I?) are/am and where we're (i'm?) at.

and pretty much totally unrelated. WHYYYYY do boys and skinny jeans think it's a good idea to mix??? brighton can't seem to get enough of it. i'd say "no offense"... but it offends me. jajaja (spanish version of 'hahaha' seemed more appropriate)

ALSO. i like my house :-) it's arty (paintings on the walls... although i wonder how many people realise that one of the canvases downstairs is actually a dare-i-say-it vagina? spillover from various friends being involved in productions of the 'vagina monologues', which i'd actually really recommend seeing if you haven't before). and music pours out the windows on sunny days and bikes/people spill out the doors (our house isn't very big!). and there are 3, well 4 at the moment, beautiful ladies living here with me. with a very definite french theme going on. i may even have learnt some by the end of the year!

last night, in this house of love and art and bikes and music i had some wonderful friends round for a belated birthday celebration. it was just lovely. fairy lights and food and red wine and smoothies and background music and everyone fitted in the living room for catching-up and making new friends and enjoying being together again. yey :-) ooh that sounds really soppy having just read it back. AH WELL. get over it.

and lastly, an article on europe and the church. which i found HOPE-ful. especially in light of the seminar i had this week for my 'religion and ritual' course for anthropology...

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