Thursday 5 November 2015

Catching up on creativity, health and community

About a month ago I wrote a post about intentions for this new season.

The past month hasn't quite gone as expected (maybe I'll write about that next time), and while for the most part I'm clinging to the words I wrote before stuff kicked off, I thought it would be good to remind myself of those aims. As I'm pretty good at starting and not finishing, about talking and not doing. And the changes that have occurred don't change the value of creativity, health and community.

On taking creativity seriously...

I'm still getting used to the commute, and trying to use it productively. Half the time I fall asleep, head nodding against the window, vaguely hoping I don't miss my stop, or just read a novel - which isn't bad, but I know I could do more with the time, especially as I'm so tired by the time I get home. Some days I managed to scribble some thoughts down in a notebook, either sneaky observations of people on the train, or thoughts based on the book of John in the Bible which I'm reading through super slowly whilst trying to turn those thoughts into poems. There's so much packed in there to chew on, about light and love and miracles.

This week I listened to a podcast interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. She wrote Eat. Pray. Love along with several other award winning books. I'll be honest, I've only watched the film and thought it was pretty cheesy. I didn't realise it was a memoir, or the thousands of people it's inspired to go out and really live life. Anyways, I was inspired by the dedication she's given to writing over the last 20 years or so. Like making a vow to take it seriously, above everything else. And going in search of stories so that she'd have something to write about. And saying no to a whole lot of good stuff in order to make time for her first love. She also worked a 'day-job' throughout all of that and it was kind of refreshing to hear that - in that she wasn't pressurising art to make money for her. I know there's lots to be said from making a living from creativity but it's good to hear the other argument too!

I've performed at a couple of open mic poetry nights which I really enjoyed, and have written a new poem for a competition. I've taken some Autumn photos and actually done some painting (the joys of finally having a table in our flat!) and a little bit of dancing. I've hung out with a local painter and fashion photographer. So there's been bits here and there. Not as much as I'd like, but something's better than nothing, right? :-)

On living healthily...

So this isn't to make anyone feel guilty, I know we get enough Instagram-ed kale smoothies in our lives without me adding to it. OK I've never had a kale smoothie. Is it even a smoothie people have? Or is it juice? See I'm no expert here. Although I have eaten kale this month AND I do have a juicer now AND today I even put celery in some juice and felt very proud of myself.  Most of my birthday presents were all health related, like the juicer, although I must admit to my super sporty sisters that I've not actually worn the lovely running clothes yet - because I haven't done any exercise...

But back to FOOD because I feel like I have made changes here. As I said last time we've started getting a veg box (hence the kale and celery) and I went for an assessment with a friend who's studying to be a nutritionist. The outcome being I'm currently off caffeine and dairy, things I've basically not gone a day without for my whole life. I never thought I'd be able to cut them out, think I needed someone 'official' to tell me to do it, along with the suggestion that it might finally put a stop to my constant sneezing and snotting. Which would be glorious and maybe possibly worth forgoing cheese and butter and creme fraiche and custard and all my favourite things. Maybe. We'll see.

So yeh we're eating quite healthily, and I think I have a little more energy for it. And well I'm sure my body is appreciating it. I even bought green tea and chia seeds yesterday. Crazy. Just need to get the old exercise in now, somehow.

On community...

Oh geez this is definitely a blog post in itself. I thought about writing a series just about finding a church. But it could get offensive so not sure about that, haha! Let's say it's not easy. And who? And where? And how? But I also have to remember it takes time time time and really we're still at the start of this new place. So patience and grace are in need, and gratefulness for phones, and social media, and hugs sent from afar, and the people who have made it to our ready-for-visitors-flat and for a partner with whom I've walked through similar new, lonely, what-are-we-doing-here times before.

And with that I'll end. Well done if you made it this far, you must have time on your hands :-)

Meanwhile, keep on keeping on xx 


John and Fritha said...

I made it this ar and i'm going to keep reading, you vibrant and glorious and stunning and lovely soul, you. (Meant to be studying right now. NO).

Unknown said...

ah, could say the same thing right back to you and it would also be TRUE x