Monday 21 January 2008


i like sundays in Sevilla.

the sun shines, usually, like most days.

and it seems that every person leaves their house to walk, to sit, to drink coffee and eat cake, to enjoy the city and enjoy one another. Little girls and boys are dressed in their best, in old fashioned styles of duffle coats and tartan skirts and their socks pulled up. Often all three children dressed exactly alike. Grandparents may accompany their children and grandchildren in parks or cafes. Every outside table is occupied, covered in coffee cups, glasses of coke, beers and plates of sweet treats.

Sunglasses are on and nearly every member of the female race looks glamourous, but this is nothing unusual in Sevilla. There is the feeling that every group of people be it family or friends, frequents the same bars, cafes or restaurants every Sunday. And that as a foreigner I am somehow intruding. (Although with my now dark hair i blend in a lot more, unlike the blond americans that wander past exclaiming at the weather, examining maps and taking photos...)

The river draws couples to relax on it´s banks under the shade of palmtrees, or sip mojitos at the outside-bar-which-plays-good music.

Everything is done slowly. There´s no hurry. Just treasuring the good things in life.

I like Sundays.

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