Friday 25 January 2013

Third and Last First Kiss

I'd been to Heathrow to meet a crowd of Japanese girls and escort them to Brighton.  I watched tearful reunions and tried to guess people's nationality as I waited with my sign.  And I thought about you.  About how, last week, you'd told me you liked me after we'd somehow ended up holding hands at your house while we attempted to watch 'Slumdog Millionaire'.  And how I was terrified and totally chilled all at the same time.

Sunday evening - we went for a walk.  Brighton beach, our favourite place.  First date place.  First swim in the sea and BBQ place.  We walked from Brighton to Hove and stood Titanic style on a groyne.  And my jeans got wet when I paddled in the sea but I didn't want to roll them up because I hadn't shaved my legs.

The sun sank and with it, the temperature.  So of course we had to huddle up very close on the stones.  And you whipped out the 'magic blanket' - blue and uh 'borrowed' from Worthing Hospital (we haven't returned it yet...).  And you wrapped it around our shoulders as we sipped on cans of heineken and you smoked too much.

And then I felt your head tucked in between my cheek and my shoulder, ever so subtly turning my cheek toward yours.

And I told myself not until we're 'officially' going out and I told myself to save my kisses and I  told myself I don't want to give more away to men who won't finish the race with me

And I told myself what-the-hell-this-boy-is-too-cute-and-I've-been-waiting-for-this-for-ages (it must have been the magic blanket)

And I turned my face to yours

And it was the best kiss ever.  No lie.

And I never believed it when people said it but after that I literally floated all the way home.

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Engels=English said...

I love this Katrina! You're an excellent writer! Big Dutch Kiss, Eliza