Wednesday 2 January 2013


Two-thousand and twelve is over.  I think it would be nice if we could have a little bit of time in-between years, just a moment to be able to pause and reflect.  Instead it's often a bit of a strange over-rated night of celebrating and awkward cheers and too much alcohol and suddenly it's time to change the calendar on the wall.

The past year was all a bit of a blur.  The first half was mainly a grey, teary blur and the second largely a busy-working-three-jobs blur.  The second half was most definitely better... the factors inducing change were predominantly a timely trip to Cornwall and anti-depressants!

There's also been a lot of change.  I've changed jobs, moved flats to share with a friend (as well as hubby of course!), our church has moved, my parents moved from Oxfordshire (after 10 years) to Shropshire, we've acquired a car, my younger sister has turned 21... And soon, in 3 months time, comes the biggest change of all so far for me and Mr Q: we shall be moving to Cornwall!  I can't say how good it is to start a year with something to look forward to.  An adventure!  And the unknowns are pretty exciting, actually.

Llewellyn asked me what the best things about 2012 have been.  Apart from our trip to Cornwall, what I've loved in the past few months is all the friends that have visited and stayed on our sofa and sat in our living room.  And, everyday I am thankful that I have a friend to walk through all the ups and downs with.  Thank you Mr Q.

And Jesus, He's pretty awesome too :-)

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