Wednesday 1 August 2012

"The Barbarian Way"

I've just started reading a book by Erwin McManus called, 'The Barbarian Way', bought for me by a friend.  It talks about how following Jesus was never intended to be safe, or conformist. I like!

 Here's a quote from it that resounded with me:

"If we learn anything about God through John (the Baptist), it is that God has no problem with spiritual eccentrics.  The point, of course, is not that God makes us mentally or emotionally imbalanced, but that He makes us passionately and spiritually unbalanced.  God steers us in the direction of His kingdom, His purpose, His passions.  His desire is not to conform us, but to transform us.  Not to make us compliant, but to make us creative.  His intent is never to domesticate us, but to liberate us" (p.64).

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