Thursday, 30 September 2010


Set your mind on things above


LOVE. When your feet are barely touching the ground


Bubbles that catch the breeze,
Float off out of sight,
Shiny oily spheres of rainbows reflecting

And I
defy gravity
Run upwards
Run past clouds
They scatter as I push through
I’m not looking back
The ground is far behind

He has given me wings and I’ll fly with Him

Fly with me, come fly, come fly, away…

But, not away
Towards the place where He is.

Fingers strain upwards
Up on toes
I reach I reach I reach
But not in my own strength
I am lifted up
Up up up up
Shaking off earthly ties that hold me down

With Him,
the Morning Star,
I rise.

(written at 'Stepping Beyond' 25 sept 2010)

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