Saturday 4 September 2010


i'm not gonna lie. i REALLY like food.

thought i'd just share some recent highlights of culinary experiences, because... it's good to share. haha!

the other week: mashed potato plus mashed sweet potato WITH pork sausages cooked with onion (cooked till soft and sweet) in apple juice.

last night: Potato wedges (potatoes that we'd just DUG out the garden of the new place i'm living. VERY exciting!!), spinach (also grown in the garden) cooked with garlic, then with added slices of chorizo. mmm mmm!! served with olives, moroccan style hummous and home-brewed elderberry wine. i can't take the credit for all the home-grown foods - thanking new housemates for that!!

this morning: scrambled eggs with more spinach&garlic plus smoked salmon, all mixed up together.


other food thoughts:
garlic is brilliant.
dry plain potatoes are not (in my opinion).
budget eating doesn't have to be boring!!!!!

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