Saturday, 24 October 2009

Ah. it's good to STOP. breathe. in and out. be still. i have not done enough of that recently. i'm good at filling my time, mainly with people, which is not a bad thing, i love it. but suddenly batteries run low! still getting used to new rhythms and routines but i know i need to make sure these little spaces of quiet and the good kind of solitude don't get forgotten.

It's a chance to be reminded of things that are TRUE, the truths that i want to base my life upon, rather than getting carried away by the torrent of thoughts that fill my head, going in all directions and generally leaving me feeling confused and even more self-absorbed. Sometimes though, it's other people that remind you of truth, and lift your eyes off of your own circumstances and feelings. This week i was reminded about JOY. and how true Joy is not an emotion, is not temporary, like so much of what we surround ourselves with, but is so much deeper. and it is rooted in the One who does not change and who is always good. It is a gift and it gives us strength. and is found when we look UP even when everything else seems like it's crashing down.

and finally i'll leave you with another great quote from Bonhoeffer that i read this morning:

Love does not bear a grudge. It approaches others anew each day and with new love, and it forgets what has past. In this way it makes itself a fool and the object of people's mockery, but this does not drive it crazy - it just continues to love.

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