Tuesday 21 April 2009


...are amazing. don't you think?
I love it how we are all so different
i love how 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth make a unique combination on every face
i love how none of us are quite the same shade
i love accents and phrases and slang

i love to get a glimpse of how each person views the world
i love it when people get really excited about something
i love it how different things capture our attention and imagination
i love how there's always more to know about someone
i love how just seeing someone or hearing their voice can make you smile
i love how you can recognise a friend from a great distance just by the way they walk

and we're all walking different paths
with different dreams
yet suddenly we find ourselves shoulder to shoulder
sharing the journey
laughing talking and crying together
side by side we can lie there
saying everything in our silence
feeling closer than brothers

breathing the same air
seeing the same stars
warmed by the same sun
why do we build walls around ourselves?
because there's so much more to live and love and learn
if only we let each other in

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