Friday 24 April 2009


i wish my glasses wouldn't make those red marks on either side of my nose. it makes me feel more geeky. i don't know what's happened, because they never used to. maybe my nose grew?

"wearing barefeet" doesn't make sense. but anyways, i love it. i love to feel the ground that i am walking on. i love to curl my toes around grass or sand. i love the way they slap against warm concrete and gingerly dance over stones. i wish my heels weren't so 'cracked' but at the same time i'm quite proud of my leathery soles. it makes me feel more hardcore.

hooray for good conversations that satisfy. hooray for people who listen and give you time to formulate the mass of thoughts into just about intelligible sentences, and 'get it'.

my friends have moved into a house down the road. i LOVE it that i can see my house from theirs. i wish a whole load of friends lived in my street. i do like my street. there's always kids out playing, people sat out in their front gardens, a daily ice-cream van. we can sit on the pavement in front of our house and eat lasagne and it's OK.

i'm almost enjoying writing one of my dissertations. that might be because it's about breakdancing and 'research' involves watching breaking films on youtube. yesss. in three weeks i will have hopefully handed it, and the other one in. THREE weeks! woohoooo.
better get back to it.

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Sarah said...

Maybe the nose piece on your glasses got a bit smooshed? Might be worth going in to wherever you got them and getting them to re-fit them. Those red marks can turn in to blisters that HURT!

Are you on campus much/any? Time for tea?