Friday 5 December 2008

good things...

1. spiced (chilli) hot chocolate from 'Iydea' cafe in the North Laines, Brighton. SOOO GOOOOD!

2. my bicycle. i spent thursday without it, as it rained in the morning and i went to the marina in the evening, hence deeming it worth buying a pricey bus day pass. while taking the bus to uni in the morning felt like quite a treat - arriving early for the first time ever to spanish, unsweaty and not feeling like i was about to collapse - i began to feel a little unfaithful to my trusty bike as Annah cycled past from the marina into town while i sat high and dry in third bus of the day. plus i had to pay extra as it was the "night bus". grr. my love of the 2 wheeled machine really hit home when i had to catch bus number 4 at 3:30am after some boogie-ing in casablanca. thinking i'd be a good girl and not walk home by myself, and thinking i'd save some time by catching the bus i paid another night-bus-pound-extra and found a seat. NEVER AGAIN. i thought that since the buses now go regularly through the night back to the university campuses that the times of hundreds of sweaty very unsteady freshers cramming themselves onto one bus, steaming the windows, singing anti-sussex/brighton uni songs and droning long drunken tales of "can you believe what she said to me...." were over. how wrong i was. now this was all perfectly acceptable in first year but somewhere between then and now i've gotten old/boring/sensible or something. because it was all i could do not to jump off again. thankfully i sat next to someone who felt the same so we moaned like old women. ah, what have i become?! (that said, we old fourth years probably still managed to dance more than everyone else at casablanca....!) in the end i think it would have been quicker to walk. and so, in conclusion, the bike is coming with me next time and forever more.

3. New friends! a mutual friend told me and Cecily to meet up and that we'd get on well. so we did and we did. hooray! answer to prayer for both of us too i think. grrrrrreat.

4. Old friends! a few special ones popped back to brighton so got to catch up. always a good thing.

5. Sunshine and sea. Managed to get out and about in the sun and see the sea more than twice this week. which always makes me smile.

PS actually on more than one occasion all the above were combined in a general happy mix. even better!

6. Dancing. that'll always be on the list. twice this week... at the CCK ball which has become somewhat of a tradition, despite never having been a member of the church. i was a little worried when the band first began to play and everyone stood awkwardly in their suits and dresses round the edges of the dancefloor, feeling rather full and, well, awkward. but it was all ok in the end with a little stevie wonder and similar delights then a DJ playing pretty much all my fave tunes at the mo. that was when the killer heels finally got kicked off and any attempts at calm sophisticated ball-style dancing were thrown out the window. joy. (barely anyone knew me anyways... and those who did joined in!)

secondly at casablanca, another classic venue (but much better on wednesdays than thursdays which we now no for sure). that said, a valiant effort was made at "making the best of it" and some of us actually ended up staying till the very end dancing to dizzy rascal, shakira and the like, while meeting some guys from spain and mexico. it was good to speak spanish, but that did not mean we wanted to 'continue the fiesta' afterwards with said people. and after all, this is england, the fiesta ends a lot earlier!

7. 'Bills' restaurant. if you haven't gone you HAVE to try it! you will not regret... yes.... i have eaten/drunk out quite a lot this week :-S

8. Sweet Potato wedges. credit goes to Bruce for inspiring me in this culinary area. Second attempt and they were a lot better, just right for serving to 2 lovely ladies who came round last night.

9. Cinema! i rarely go, which means going to the 'movies' remains quite a treat and enough to get me excited at the smell of popcorn and the orange tickets. saw James Bond, which isn't my favourite, but makes me think of my Dad, and the big screen and surround sound make it much more of an experience. and sometimes it's nice watching stuff that doesn't make you think for days afterwards - although those films definitely have their place

10. Christmas fairs - mainly for the memories. and today because i got to sell my homemade cards and be around people from church, and old and young people, and eat cake and feel a bit christmassy.

SO.... a pretty fantastic week really. it's good to recognise the things that make you smile. makes you more grateful. :-)

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