Monday 10 November 2008


time for a post i think, as i sit in my room, listening to some Ibiza choons and relax my aching body after some hardcore breakdance training following straight on from a little "break away" to birmingham. i say that like going away at the weekend is rare. it definitely isn't. i don't know if it's a good thing or not, but anyways i'm making the most of not having TOO much work right now as i suspect come january i'll be tied to my desk.

So, birmingham. total of 7 train, 4 tubes, 2 taxis and some walking in the rain in between. probably about 11 hours of 'transit' altogether. joyous. yes, the cheap-travel-option does have its downsides at times... conclusion: a car would be nice at times.

ANYWAYs, i'd still say it was worth it. First stop: twin's house, who with her friends was about to start a murder mystery party ('murder on the orient express') when i walked in the door after my 'epic' journey so i was greeted by geishas, an american missionary and his indian wife, lady marmalade amongst others. i didn't stay long, swifly walked on down the road to a mutual friend's house who came out to Ibiza this year while i was there. with her, other 'ibiza gals' (here we are!)

and other friends of friends we went to "Drop Beats not Bombs", a peace-promoting rave (!) in the rainbow warehouse. i'm ashamed to say we didn't quite pick up on the "rave" or "warehouse" aspect and so were the only ones in the mile long queue who were not wearing coats, hats, rucksacks, etc... a fact we very much regretted in the freezing wetness! nevermind, after an hour or something we finally got in and got to dance in one (and all) of the 5 different venues... (not before returning the feeling to our feet using the hand-driers in the toilets!)... all stuff i like - some reggae, some drum and bass, some live acts, dubstep (i think...still not sure what that one is!), swing step, etc... so much jumping around with big grin/pouty dancing face... so much so that my phone fell out my pocket and broke. oops... not clever. i didn't even realise, thankfully someone saw and handed it to me.

(glow paint, woop!)

then it was taxi home, toast and nutella and bed at 6am. goooood sleep and a lovely chilled sunday, back in my sister's home where the same 'murder mystery' crew were hanging out, without their masks, dresses and accents! roast chicken and sofas and fairy lights and music and tea and crumpets and newly discovered MC-ing skills of certain persons.... LOVELY. AND, two great friends were also visiting so got to catch up with them. sweet.

now its back to brighton and week 6, can you believe it, already halfway through! life's pretty chilled, which is nice, although maybe a little too much time to think. but its good to be able to spend more time with a more select few doing more select things rather than rush around like a headless chicken. although i still freaked out about having a "free" evening last week, this'll take a while to get used to!

also beginning to think about the future, brought on by gradfairs and the like. its the first time i've let myself do so for a long long time, so set have i been on just FINISHING this whole studying malarky. and i'm not done yet, so i won't get carried away, but its kind of exciting to begin to dream a little.

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