Friday 28 November 2008


Boy sits strumming guitar
I can predict the next line
It all rhymes
And is rather like the one who went before
Show me some diversity
The dexterity of your fingers on the strings
does not translate to the words that stumble out your mouth

Sing me a new song
Sing the song of the unheard
Voices drowned out by greedy shouts
of those who come to exploit and steal.
Screams shunned by the world

This is not a game
Monopoly of people’s LIVES
Dealt in knives and lies
Where does the £200 come from at ‘GO’?
Did you ever ask yourself that?

The blood was wiped off the gold as if nothing ever happened and it’ll sit there shining under bright lights of fancy jewellers. 24 carat ring.
Ring. Bound. Binding us together in this
Taking place beneath the big blue sky stained black and red by smoke and blood

Heart of Africa
The gun shots drown out the beating beating beating
Beating drums spread the message
“it’s time for change”
Time to end the
Beating beating beating her people down to the ground
The ground that everyone is fighting for.

Where we pay to see the gorillas
The monkeys I mean
Not guerrillas. Not the men
Fighters, guns and camouflage
And a family at home to feed
Just like the next man that he shoots down.
But caught up in this web of greed and intrigue
Only it’s not so intriguing
This is not a film
It’s real and raw
Power and fear
Interplaying on street corners
Driving people from their homes
Flowing like a flood
Of tears and blood

Falling onto this beautiful land.

(response to a conference about the situation in the DRC)

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