Monday 8 September 2008

sunday afternoon: CHILL

DAY of REST. is Sunday. i'm a fan.
eating together, another game of water polo, our mini-church-type-meeting in the living room, and this time, watched 'The Crucible', a film about the Salem witch trials that took place in the massachusetts a few centuries ago in a small puritan town. film wise, good acting by Daniel Day Lewis and Winona Ryder. Contents wise (more importantly for me) ....Not sure what word to use to describe it. I think i shouted out loud at the screen several times (angrily). and afterwards we just kind of sat there. yeh that kind of film. so crazy how far the girls went out of fear for their lives and the jealousy of one woman. how far the truth was twisted; how easily the people were deceived. how blind. and how it was all done in God's name. scary.

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