Wednesday 3 September 2008

the sun rises and it sets

i got to see the sunset last night then rise again this morning. i had uhhhh ONE HOUR of sleep in between, and have since had 3 more. not suprisingly i feel a little less than wide awake.

SUNSET: Kumares: (the beach nearest to where i am living and where i got spiked by a sea urchin. grr. a week later there's still 4 pieces of it in my foot). however i still like it down there. it's more a place where local people go rather than tourists and there used to be a hippy-esque bar there until it got closed down for drugs. walking back up from there the sights and smells and sonds reminded me of being in (proper) Spain again and i realised i do think quite 'fondly' (not a word i usually use but it fits... "absence makes the heart grow fonder",and all that...) of the country, even though it was quite hard being there a lot of the time and when i left i didn't think i'd be in a rush to return. funny how time changes things.

SUNRISE: we went to 'Shipwrecked' again. it was great. lots of people we knew were there and there was a great atmosphere. several people are leaving over the next few days having spent most or all of the summer here so sad times for some. it's just so amazing being out on the sea in the sun, i think it would be possible not to enjoy it, even if you did just sit at the side rather than attempt balancing on the plastic chairs and dancing. but i think a lot of people will put down the great experience they had to the chemicals consumed on the lower decks...

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