Sunday 9 September 2007

rest and people and truth

Rest is good hey? i really want this year to feature more of it than my life has before now. i listened to one of Brian Heasley's podcasts the other day about rest and then yesterday suddenly felt really down even though i'd had a great couple of days...and took a while to put two and two together - as usual... until fell asleep while writing my diary!
so today i rested: read and drank coffee and ate chocolate and walked round Parque Maria Luisa (love it!) and feel a little better. think a full on week just kind of hit me suddenly ... u know just a whole new country, lots of new people, new language - guess it's got to have some impact!

yeh friday and saturday were full of new faces...which was fun and exciting even if it was tiring. how incredible it is to be part of God's family ~ everyone i met was because of that... from my columbian current flatmate to girls from england and spain who'd done erasmus last year to spanish guy students to a texan missionary family, to american girls studying spanish here, to a pastor-DJ from Caliornia/Sevilla, to whole churchfull of people from Spain and South America!

because of this i also had the privilege of eating more tapas, sampling vino tinto con naranja (red wine with orangefanta!) in Alfalfa, painting the wall of a living room green, swimming, sunbathing, visiting a market and perhaps most exciting going to a youth meeting at one of the churches here where they were performing/worshipping in all styles of music from Bolivian folk to flamenco to reggaeton!

so have had lots of fun, made lots of attempts at spanish, and as i expected had my people-stereotypes challenged muchly!

so yeh just quite privileged really!! and yet after all that mainly because i was tired all i felt was like crying and quite lonely. hmm emotions... when do they ever make sense?! but i know everything will be ok.


and just to end with a quote i like from "Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell which i'm reading at the moment and feeling quite excited and challenged by...TRUTH ALWAYS LEADS TO MORE TRUTH, BECAUSE TRUTH IS INSIGHT INTO GOD AND GOD IS INFINITE AND GOD HAS NO BOUNDARIES OR EDGES. SO TRUTH ALWAYS HAS LAYERS AND DEPTH AND TEXTURE

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Motherland said...

Painting a livingroom wall? Your time sounds hilarious so far. Lots of rich experiences being stored up in that memory box, hey? I'm so glad that you're having excitement. It's funny how our feelings often refuse to match the events but I'm so glad to hear that you're taking the time to take care of yourself.