Tuesday 21 July 2015

Spoilt rotten (5 places to go/eat in South West Cornwall)

Like I said, ups and downs.  Here's an UP - or several! In the last few days we've been at the receiving end of incredibly generous friends, who have taken us out and treated us at some wonderful spots, and filled our bellies to bursting and given up their time to spend with us. So so thankful.

Here's a wee roundup:

1. The Rockpool Cafe, Mousehole

Went here for my friend Petrina's birthday with some other ladies from church. The cafe doesn't look that special on the outside, but it really is worth a trip and I wish I'd gone before. I took the bike out again as it's quite an easy ride along the coast. The cafe sits literally on the rocks, on the southern tip of Mounts Bay, with seats outside overlooking the sea, and cute, light, wood-y decoration inside. There were some tasty sounding cocktails on the menu, pretty teapots, amazing cakes and tempting meals. I went for coffee and a big slab of cherry and almond cake. Next time I'd have the orange and rosemary shortbread. We enjoyed the breeze coming in through the window, and celebrated Petrina, and sang Happy Birthday very loudly. Ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

2. Surfing!! And another Rockpool, Godrevy

Not having a car means we rarely get out surfing, I'm ashamed to say, in fact the last time was September. So I'm really glad we got to go before we leave. I'm not very good, but I love it. We went to good old Godrevy, fitting as it's the first place we surfed down here. We went with our good friends the Dales - who since our trip to Cornwall three years ago when we first considered moving down have been so generous, driven us round the county, shared their favourite places with us, and just been good friends. We'll miss them.

Sunday dawned cloudy and wet, and the beach wasn't busy at all, but the sun made its way out and I spent two glorious hours being buffeted about by the waves, wobbling along on the board, trying not to hit people, getting very sunburned on my face and hands. Lovely. We then went to The Rockpool - the new restaurant nearby, and were treated to a delicious lunch (mussels for me!), while a man with a gorgeous voice sang live in the background. It also wasn't too busy, the staff were friendly, and we sat out in the sun after lunch drinking in the peace and the music. Happy sigh.

3. The Square, Porthleven

THEN, we met up with friends who took us to Porthleven (after Llewellyn got some happy-animal-time, holding some parrots... don't ask!). Hadn't been to Porthleven since Llewellyn's birthday last year (a year ago) so it was nice to be back, strolling along the harbour walls, watching kids jumping off the walls, listening to the local brass band. Bev and Ben took us for a meal at The Square (yes, TWO meals in one day!!) which was delicious - would have happily had anything on the menu there. And the desserts were a meal in themselves too!

So by the end of Sunday we were thoroughly fat and sunburned, but very overwhelmed and grateful. 

4. A picnic, Cape Cornwall

Last week a friend mentioned Cape Cornwall and I remembered how much I love it there, and that again I hadn't been for a while. So yesterday I made the most of an evening planned with a friend-with-a-car and suggested a trip out there, along with dinner and wine! It didn't disappoint, the evening sun was gorgeous, the company great... it was pretty romantic ;-)

5. Pudding at Trevaskis farm

Just because we hadn't eaten enough (!), today we went out to Trevaskis Farm for some of their famous desserts. The first and only time we'd been before was when our friends and neighbours up at the House of Prayer took us there one evening shortly after we'd moved down. So it was fitting that we went with them today as a goodbye catch up and (early birthday cake for Llewellyn!). We haven't seen much of each other this year what with one thing and another so it was lovely to have some time with them and reflect a bit on our time in Cornwall and what's to come.

So as you can see, we've been spoiled rotten. And I've provided you with five places you must go - if you live here or are planning to visit any time! :-)

Ooh and I've just remembered, last week another friend took me out to see a play streamed iive from the National Theatre to the cinema in Penzance: 'Everyman' starring Chiwetel Ejiofor (from 12 Years a Slave). It was a great experience, definitely recommended, and a powerful play. Thanks Joy!

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