Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Pendeen, Kynance, Helford and dolphins!

The weekend before last we were blessed by two friends who took us out on different days to explore different parts of this beautiful land.

On the Saturday we drove to Pendeen, on the North cost, and walked down to the lighthouse then round to Portheras Cove. Since you can't drive to this beach, it remains quite secluded. There's been shipwrecks found off the wild coastline, and signs warn you not to walk in bare feet because of scraps of metal lying buried in the sand.

The sun moved in and out of the clouds and then the rain came in as we walked along the coast path, but not before we'd taken our shoes off (ignoring the signs), had a paddle in the cold water and then, to our great delight, SAW DOPLHINS!!! It was pretty magical. I even made a cheesy video of it. So two ticks on the list: walking another stretch of the South West coast path and seeing dolphins for the first time in Cornish waters. Woo hoo!

On Sunday we went out again, this time heading south and east to Kynance Cove. I'd been there a couple of times before, once on a stunning summer day and once just after all the storms last winter, but was excited to get there at low tide, and for Llewellyn to see it again, and to do more coast walking. I was struck this time by the size of the rocks there, and all the different colours and markings and shapes in them - all telling stories of another wild coastline.

The stretch of sand and the big rock jutting out the sea in the bottom photo is the same sand and rock as in the first photo. When the tide comes in, that bit of sand gets totally covered, and the water on either side meets.

After a smoothie at the cafe in Kynance Cove, we walked back up to the car, past cows (we saw lots of cows near Pendeen too!) and drove over to the other side of the Lizard, to the mouth of the Helford River. Another magical place, in a totally different way, the Helford and tiny villages along it seem so peaceful and undisturbed. It's not that easy to get to driving wise - long windy narrow roads that are easy to get lost on. I guess that helps.

We parked at St Anthony, which is in between the mouth of Gillian Creek (top photo) and the mouth of the Helford (bottom photo) - so in very little time you can walk around the headland and see both. Definitely want to go back on a warmer day and hire kayaks, there are so many little inlets to explore around here.

We then drove a little way down the road to Helford, and walked through the gorgeous village (can totally see why you'd buy a holiday house here, to be honest!!) to the Shipwright Arms: an atmospheric pub right by the water. The day was rounded off with a beer, chowder and sitting in silence in the sun by the tranquil water.

We headed home with achey legs and happy souls. What a treat! :-)

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