Sunday 8 February 2015

Thankful for: light and colour

The last couple of weeks have been split between London and Penzance. I'm thankful that I have a life that has often stretched beyond more than just one place. Glad I have the freedom and ability to travel (even if it is on megabuses), glad that I have people to live life with and learn from in these different places, glad for all the stories.

And for...


I went to see my friend Cecily's work which is on display as part of a collaborative show in Holborn. I've know her since she was doing a degree in painting in Brighton and she's always inspired me by her passion, dedication and hard work. Also hearing the thinking behind her pieces is really what wowed myself and a friend, and opened them up in a whole new way. At the same time, she reminded us to just ENJOY it. Thanks, Cecily :-)

The View

Early Sunday morning... yes, this is what I must breathe in deep and often, before I move away from the sea for the first time in ten years!

The encouragers (people who see)

So things are fine, nothing's 'wrong' but I guess I've been feeling pretty flat. Winter doesn't help, and between work and pondering on lots of my opinions and beliefs lately, my mind has been on overdrive - which isn't always that healthy. Anyways, this week, someone I hadn't seen in a while noticed that I wasn't quite 'fine'. And she encouraged me to keep going, and brought me flowers the next day. I am so grateful.

Speaking Spanish

I eventually went to 'Cafe Polyglot' in Penzance this week. When I arrived in Cornwall I saw a poster for this language club, but the poster looked so old I wrote it off! I shouldn't have, it's going strong and offers the opportunity for people to converse in French, German, Italian and Spanish (and possibly more). I hadn't spoken Spanish for ages so was pretty rusty, but enjoyed hearing it, meeting some very friendly people and remembering great words like "Aprovechar" which is exactly what I'm trying to do... Make the most of.... :-)

Sunshine in winter

Although it's been super cold here, it hasn't snowed like in the rest of the UK, and the sun has been showing its face a-plenty. Hooray.

And also...

 My carrot, coconut and chilli soup discovery (so easy to make and so tasty!), skype for speaking to far away family, dancing and Divine seasalt chocolate - among other things!

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