Sunday 12 October 2014

We are found

And this is like coming home
We stand, sing, dance, drum
Triumphant declarations
of the good works you have done in us
Triumphant -
not because every day is easy
not because everything has worked out ok (just yet)
But because we are marked by a love deeper than deep
And because we’re here
And because we’re alive
And we’re still standing
And even if we’re not we are HELD

Our bodies - a testimony of a Master Creator
Who has not abandoned His creations
A genius who loves colour and variety and mystery and quirkiness
The journey may have been rough
But who can deny His faithfulness

I said who can deny His faithfulness?

We sing songs
And we are one
Our stories interconnect and overlap
And our heartbeat cries that
He is our home
And we are found in him

We are found
We are found
We are found
We are found

And His fingerprints are all over us
And His name is tattooed across our chests
And He’s carried us sometimes
And His tears have mingled with ours
And our ears are full of His whispers
And deep in that place beyond words
We know that nothing makes sense outside of Him
And that He is our reason
And that He is our home
And He is our song
and our dance

SO let’s not hide
And lets not keep our stories to ourselves
let’s declare with all that we have
and all we are
that He is the author of life
and our Hope

And that He
Is our home

I wrote this last night at a creative worship evening back in good old Brighton, surrounded by many friends and people I love and admire... talented musicians, passionate dancers, open hearts. It felt like coming home.


Michelle said...

Thank you for these words of inspiration, that speak so loudly and boldly expressing the things that I cannot write myself.

Unknown said...

I love your poetry, and it sounds so good when you read it out too.

Anonymous said...

This song describes my heart s journey to trusting the Heavenly Father...thank you

Unknown said...

Thanks guys, it was such a special evening, inspiring much creativity all round - the words just spilled out :)

Anonymous said...

loved your poem last weekend, wish we could have had time to talk, would love to know more about what you do - will follow your blog etc. Becky white