Sunday 11 August 2013

Sweet... (Jam)

but, not fake
- not just 'nice'
sweetness of earth and growth and life and sun and rain and fruit and careful hands and fire and movement and waiting and seasons and sharing
you are far from ordinary
yet so often ignored; left on the shelf
We do not take a moment to pause and consider
the strength and flavour of your sweet love

When the sun shines through the glass
rubies glow
treasure contained in a jar
like your son
somehow, like us, now

Tucked into the fridge door
spread across a piece of wholemeal
we utter a silent thank you
hope in the morning -
you make the bitterness bearable

And you
hover on finger tips and lips
I want to be covered in you!
such a small jar
is there enough to cover all my sour parts?
the widow's oil did not run out
you are always enough

A sigh of relief
a gift
a welcome
an every day
and a special occasion
you are for all times and all seasons

And the pot of goodness
reminds me
of a story of trust
of the way you capture our hearts
and spark dreams
and invite us to join you on adventures

I am amazed again
at the way you enter into our lives
and make them a story to be told and shared
the way you direct our paths
and whisper mysteries
like ancient recipes

how to make jam

At a creative worship workshop the other day we chose different objects and wrote about how they could reflect God!  


Sally said...

I tingled when you read this out on Saturday...I tingled again when I read it today.
I love the tingle factor in your writing xx

Unknown said...

Glad to make you tingle! :-) Thank you for your inspiration jam-lady!